Pastor Kelly Invites You to connect over a meal!

If you’re interested in checking out Hope Community Church or  interested in learning about the Bible or God in general, send me an e-mail with your information or leave a message at the office (see “how to find us”). I’d love to host you either in our home south of Starbuck, at a park, at a restaurant, or at our office in Glenwood. I’d love to connect with you over a beverage or a meal.


Connect with One Another!

The fact is that you can attend a church for years upon years without really connecting with others unless you take the relationship to the next step by connecting outside of the large group gathering. As a pastor, I encourage people to connect over a meal, a shared hobby, a sport, or an interest.  I especially encourage people to engage in a small group if you are serious about making friends and growing spiritually!