Sunday Service
Join us IN Person at at Central Square (105 2nd Ave. NE) Sunday, May 31 @ 9:30am
OR on Zoom (for an interactive experience)
9:15 a.m. fellowship time
             9:30 a.m. service begins
Click Link to Join Our Zoom Service:
OR on YouTube Live (see below)
NOTE: A password IS REQUIRED for Sunday Zoom Service and all Zoom meetings. You should have it in an email or text. You can also reach out to Vickie Anderson, Caitlyn Jorgenson, Pastor Kelly, Pastor Carlyn, or your small group leader to get this. 
Church Service Live-stream on YouTube
(NO password required):
      • THIS Sunday’s YouTube LIVE — click this link Sunday at 9:30am if you want a non-interactive option for taking in our Sunday service.
      • If the original YouTube LIVE stops midstream, we’ll try to start a new one here.
  Our previous Worship Services are also available on YouTube:
Connect During the Week with Zoom Groups
All are invited to Zoom small groups/meetings during the week!
 Click on the links to the meeting you want to join (a couple minutes before start times). 
Tuesday June 9– Time and place (it may not be a Zoom meeting) will be emailed to participants closer to the date.  Theology Class (host Carlyn) (homework required so contact Pastor Carlyn is you are interested in joining the study).  http://zoom.us/j/205-271-865