Reopening Guidelines
1.  If you are in a risk category because of your age or being immunocompromised, or you            simply prefer to worship at home, we encourage you to choose one of our other worship
      options (see home page) instead of gathering physically.
2.    Health Risks:  Please stay at home if you have a fever (100.4F or higher), cough, sore            throat, muscle aches, headache, new loss of smell or taste or have been in close contact        with someone in the last 14 days who is being tested or has  tested positive for Covid-19.
      (The CDC defines close contact as “anyone who was within 6 feet of an infected person            for at least 15 minutes starting from 48 hours before the person began feeling sick until
      the time the infected person was isolated.”)        
3.    Social Distance:  Use social distance of 6 feet or more between non-family members at            all times.
4.  Masks are required for people 6 and older while in the building.  The only exception is
      when someone is speaking or singing from the stage.
5    If you need to cough or sneeze, please cover your cough/sneeze in your elbow.  
6.   Greeters will greet using social distance of 6 feet or more. Please refrain from                           handshakes, hugs, elbow bumps, or physical touch.
7.   The bulletins and communion cups (on communion Sundays)  will be set out on the
       welcome table for each person to take their own (please take a self-contained communion
       “kit” before sitting down).  
8.    In Glenwood, all four doors to the auditorium will be propped open before and after                  the service to allow people to enter or exit using the least traveled route and maintaining          social distance  of 6 or more feet.
9.    In Glenwood, aisles will be roped off for social distancing with 8’ between each open                aisle. There are 235 seats still open and available on the main floor alone! Each family            should sit together  and leave at least 4 seats between you and other families. 
        In Starbuck the chairs are arranged to allow social distancing.  Leave at least 3 seats                between you and other families
10.  In Glenwood, the wheelchair accessible platform accessed through the 4th and 5th                  doors on the right after entering from the parking lot will be reserved for seniors                        and those physically unable to use the general seating.
11. In Glenwood, the balcony section of the auditorium will be opened for families with small         children if  they prefer to sit away from the main group. The balcony section is large and           will provide plenty of space for each family to have extra room and still have distance               between families. 
12Children’s church and nursery will be offered if volunteers are available.  Parents will               need to check in their children which will include a set of questions and a temperature               check.  These ministries may be canceled at the last minute if volunteers need to cancel.          Children’s church packets will be available for use.  Families should not share packets              another family. 
13.   No food or beverages served. Please bring your own water, coffee or snacks for                      children if needed.
14. The order of service will look different, with worship music being sung at the end. For                those who are especially uncomfortable with public singing, this gives you an opportunity          to exit the sanctuary or auditorium during this portion of the service
15. There will be no offering plate passed, however, a box for offering will be set on the                  welcome table. Online offering is always another option and can be done via our website   Checks can be mailed to PO Box 193, Glenwood, MN                     56334.
16. Attendees are encouraged to fellowship outside when weather appropriate. In Starbuck,           fellowship can occur in the sanctuary using 6 feet distancing. In Glenwood, fellowship               can occur in the hallway using 6 feet distancing.  Avoid standing in front of                                 doorways  where people need to pass.
17. Doors, light switches, hand rails, and  bathrooms will be disinfected before and after the           service. Hand sanitizer will be available.  Gloves will be provided for volunteers for                   counting money and disinfecting.