Active learning through small groups for all ages.

Even the pastor would tell you, listening to a sermon is a lower form of learning than engaging in an interactive small group.  How much more do we grow when we hear, speak, and physically do what we’re learning?  Our goal is to put what we learn into practice.  We must get beyond the lecture, and go into the lab! That is why we offer small groups for all ages at Hope Community.

Nursery – age 0 to 3 years old.

Children’s Church – age 4 to 4th grade.

Junior High Youth Group – 5th to 8th grade (during the school year (currently on Zoom) and occasional summer events).
Senior High Youth Group-9th-12th grade (during the school year (currently on Zoom) and occasional summer events).

Adult small groups – ages 18 to 120.  All active small groups are currently meeting via Zoom.  See Home page for details.


Adult Small Groups

We are made for:

Intimacy with God.Illust - 3 leg stool

Community with other believers.

Redemptive relationships within the world.

Each of these 3 relationships are essential – like the legs of a 3-legged stool.  If one of these relationships is missing, we cannot be effective in bringing God the glory He desires and deserves from our lives.  Community with other believers that gives us “a leg to stand” on typically involves connecting on a regular basis with others through some form of small group or another.

While there are seasons when there are more small groups than others (Fall to Christmas or January to May), small groups may start at any time during the year.  If you’re willing and interested in connecting with a group, ask Pastor Kelly to share about the current groups that are available. The most current information on existing small groups can be found on our Home Page.